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Checking Gauge(<1><2><3><4><5><6>)
Used for checking ridial or end face flop of precision cones °‹Class 6, cone outside teeth, gear wheel and turbo worm screw
Gear Wheel Deflection Checking Gauge

Gear Module to be checked.

0.3-2mm°Ę 1-6mm

Max. Gear Wheel

150mm 300mm

Checking Rack Rotation Range°ņ0°„ Indicator Division Value.0.001mm 0.3mm-2

During 10 measurwment, the indicated value should not be over below:

Measuring slick sueface: without lever 1¶Őm Measuring gear: with lever 1¶Őm , without lever 3¶Őm.

Deflaction Checking Gauge

This gauge is mainly used for checking axle,panel parts' radial, round flop and end face round flop.


    MT-2 60°„Center,radial round flop of cone surface to MT cone°‹0.005mm.

    During 100mm range, Parallelism of Center axes to guide track°‹0.006mm.

    Max.checking diameter of work piece is 270mm.

    Checking length 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm.